NCWWI is funded through a cooperative agreement with the Children’s Bureau, Administration for Children & Families, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. Our partners are six universities committed to principles of collaboration.

University at Albany
  • Katharine Briar-Lawson (Co-Principal Investigator), Nancy Claiborne, Cathy Fisher (APHSA), Sharon Kollar, Catherine Lawrence, and Mary McCarthy (Co-Principal Investigator)

University of Denver
  • Salvador Armendariz, Charmaine Brittain, Tabitha Carver-Roberts, Anna deGuzman, Katie Golieb, Amy Grenier, Robin Leake, Shauna Rienks, Sarah Roman, Sallie Strueby, and Carole Wilcox 
University of Maryland
  • Nancy Dickinson (Project Director)
Michigan State University
  • Gary Anderson, Gretchen Archer, Joanne Riebschleger, Virginia Strand (Fordham University), Lyn Slater (Fordham University), and Cheryl Williams-Hecksel
Portland State University
  • Katharine Cahn, Michelle Clinch, Nichole Culley, and Deborah Reed
University of Southern Maine
  • Adam Bowman, Anne Comstock, Crystal French, MB Lippold, Gretchen Robbins, Marshall Soloway, Annette Wilson, and Heidi Weatherford    
Children’s Bureau
  • Rebecca Huffman, NCWWI Federal Project Officer, Capacity Building Division
  • Robert Lindecamp, Consultant, ICF International at the Children’s Bureau
  • Jane Morgan, Capacity Building Division Director
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