Workforce Development Month

Celebrate Child Welfare Workforce Development Month During September 2020!

For child welfare programs, it's a time to focus on how to better support and recognize your most important asset - the workforce.

For child welfare professionals, it's an opportunity to get refocused on the heart work. This is about remembering why you do this difficult work; learning new skills that will improve your impact and resilience, and finding ways to lift and support those around you.

For social work students, it’s an opportunity to learn more about child welfare practice and connect with the heart of this work.

For universities and colleges with social work programs, it’s an opportunity to share the highlights of a career in child welfare and recruit students to participate in specialized child welfare programs that you offer.

In September 2017, NCWWI celebrated the first National Child Welfare Workforce Development Month. Our intent was to help child welfare programs develop a comprehensive approach to improving the health of their workforce by sharing NCWWI tools and resources. It was also to honor the hard work of child welfare professionals in improving outcomes for children, youth, and families in our communities. That same year, the Senate passed a bipartisan resolution to recognize September as “National Workforce Development Month” in order to promote federal workforce development investments to ensure the country's economic competitiveness. Every year we look to build on the original celebration by finding new and exciting ways to show appreciation for our workforce. We hope you'll celebrate with us every September.