Protect Your Brain: Addressing Adolescent African American Males and Substance Use
Wednesday, June 09, 2021
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3:00–4:30pm EDT; 2:00–3:30pm CDT; 1:00–2:30pm MDT; 12:00–1:30pm PDT; 11:00–12:30pm AKDT; 9:00–10:30am HAST

This webinar is hosted by National Association for Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors 

This workshop will explore the use of various substances within the United States by American youth. In particular, we will focus on examining data associated with substance use among African Americans youth and African American males; and, compare the data with the larger population of young people in the US. We will analyze the research data associated with use among each of these groups to include prevalence, age of onset, and short- and long-term effects. We will closely examine use among adolescent African American Males dissecting the patterns, exploring increases and frequency of substance use and scrutinize changes in use demographics among youth and substances within the past ten years. Further, we will also examine the adolescent developing brain and the effects of substance use on brain development. We will discuss brain development and how the adolescent brain is negatively impacted by substance use. Even more specifically, we will explore the present patterns of substance use and the mental and neurological long- and short-term effects on the adolescent brain. Outlining the effects on the adolescent brain, we will discuss the implications for mental health practitioners in working with youth. We will share interventions that can assist with remediating use and its effects. The webinar will conclude with an opportunity for participants to ask questions, share experiences, and to discuss concerns.

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