Stimulant Use: Current Trends, Impact on the Brain and Body, and Implications for Treatment
Thursday, June 17, 2021
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6:00–8:00pm EDT; 5:00–7:00pm CDT; 4:00–6:00pm MDT; 3:00–5:00pm PDT; 2:00–4:00pm AKDT; 12:00–2:00pm  HAST

This webinar is hosted by Addiction Technology Transfer Center Network

[Description]This two-hour live virtual training will provide substance use disorder treatment and recovery providers in the six U.S.-affiliated Pacific Jurisdictions with a broad overview of cocaine and methamphetamine and their impact on brain, body, and behavior. The session will begin with a description of the national scope of stimulant use. The acute and chronic mental health and physical health consequences of stimulant use will be presented, including information on the impact of stimulant use on memory and cognition. Then, the presentation will shift focus to a discussion on how to implement effective behavioral treatment interventions with people who use stimulants, and the necessary adaptations needed to engage and retain people in care. In addition, participants will be introduced to the concept of text messaging as an extension to learning and offered an opportunity to join and actively engage in a live learning extender demonstration. Research has shown that text messaging is a widely used form of communication, with 90% of people reading a text message within the first 3 minutes of receiving it (Pew Research, 2015). Thus, using text messaging as a learning extender is a reasonable form of engaging learners post-training to encourage skill adoption over a period of time. In aligning with these tenets, the PSATTC will begin incorporating learning extenders in future training events and expanding the use to the Pacific Jurisdictions.

Register here: https://attcnetwork.org/centers/pacific-southwest-attc/event/stimulant-use-current-trends-impact-brain-and-body-and