The Gap Between Workplace Cultures and Mission Statements
Wednesday, June 23, 2021
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2:00–3:00 EDT; 1:00–2:00 CDT; 12:00–1:00pm MDT; 11:00–12:00 PDT; 10:00–11:00 AKDT; 8:00–9:00am HAST

This webinar is hosted by HRDQ-U

The employee experience in any organization must be in sync with the soaring ideals of its mission statement because gaps between the real and the ideal will always manifest in low employee satisfaction, high turnover, leadership burnout, and poor customer satisfaction. The challenge is that most workplace teams and leadership struggle to understand their workplace culture. If you ask a fish to describe water, the fish can’t do it even though he swims in it every day. In this presentation, interculturalist Marcia Carteret will offer participants a framework for understanding their workplace culture. What do interpersonal communication dynamics reveal about the values – codified or not – that drive established daily routines? What are the expectations of roles and relationships people assume they share on a work team? How do these expectations extend to clients and customers, and how do misaligned expectations affect the customer experience?

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