Part Two: Assessment Overview and Basics: Best Practices and Application
Thursday, May 13, 2021
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2:00–3:30 EDT; 1:00–2:30 CDT; 12:00–1:30pm MDT; 11:00–12:30 PDT; 10:00–11:30 AKDT; 8:00–9:30 HAST 

This webinar is hosted by The Community Technical Assistance Center of New York (CTAC) and the Managed Care Technical Assistance Center of New York (MCTAC)

Client system assessments are an essential component of quality treatment. An assessment is one skill social service providers use to develop interventions, treatment plans, and rapport.

“Assessment involves collecting and analyzing information about people with the aim of understanding their situation and determining recommendations for any further professional intervention” (Crisp et al., 2003, p 3).

Social service providers often recognize the interconnectedness of the person and environment on the micro, mezzo, and macro levels that impact client systems. Therefore, assessment is an ongoing social work skill used within all intervention levels and throughout the therapeutic process. The assessment, as a tool, allows the provider to focus on people, their symptoms, relationships, barriers from other people or systems, past experiences with mental health services, and their overall environment.

As a constructive element, assessments help create strengths and solutions.These two webinars on assessment will discuss important considerations for thorough and quality assessment in working with children and their families. Webinar 1 will be an overview of the 'best practices' of assessment, while Webinar 2 will involve the application of the best practices.

Register here: https://calendar.ctacny.org/event/?id=1302